Piercing the Veil of Word Illusions and Creating Our Own Reality

Jul 14

Two Perspectives on Piercing the Veil of Word Illusions and Creating Our Own Reality

Dr. Amit Nagpal, New Delhi, India, and

Janet Smith Warfield, J.D., Florida, USA


Dr. Amit NagpalDr. Amit Nagpal’s Perspective


Words do not matter. The meanings do. Words are understood in the context in which they are spoken, the tone which is used, the cultural interpretation added, and bias for/against the individual. With all these factors mixed, our personalized meaning of the words is ready. Words are actually a cocktail.

Two words which have always fascinated me are ‘exploitation’ and ‘love’. While the dictionary says exploitation of resources is positive and should be done, the same dictionary says that exploitation of labor is negative and should not be done. Is labor not a resource?

Love is such a glorified word since the languages began that I am scared of using it even in close relationships. Is humanity not basically selfish and incapable of love, the idealized love, we always talk about? I prefer to use the word ‘care’; it does not create unrealistic expectations. The background which the word ‘love’ carries makes me feel that only a spiritually advanced person has the capacity to love. Ordinary mortals like me don’t. What ordinary mortals do is only an exchange of emotional energy, a business. Maybe when you develop the capacity to truly love, you cannot restrict it to family and close relationships. You will be in love with everything around. You will become a Rumi, a Kabir or a Mother Teresa.

Do words wear the veil of illusions or do we human beings add the veils to them? Words only convey approximate meanings. No wonder lawyers have to work so hard at them. After the lawyer has worked for long hours on refining the language, the opposing lawyer finds a loophole to give a totally different meaning to the same words.

Under such a background, do words matter? To me, they don’t. To me what matters is the meaning hidden behind them, the intentions, the feelings, the emotions, the tones and overtones, the vibrations that they carry. To me what matters is the non-verbal part, the honesty which you can see only in the eyes, the genuineness which you can feel only in the smile, the coldness or warmth which you feel in the vibes that they carry, the underpinnings and overtones which tell more about the sincerity than the words themselves.

The more we clear ourselves of negative energy, the more sensitive we become to the subtleties behind the words.  We develop maybe a seventh sense of reading the intentions, listening to the unspoken messages, smelling the vibrations, tasting the warmth or the coldness behind and feeling the touch of the soul (or soullessness) of the entire communication.

Then only can we create our own reality integrating the words with the environment and comprehending the essence of not just the words but the integrated communication.

If my words do not make any sense to you, please sense what is between the lines, between the words, between the alphabets…..


Dr. Amit Nagpal is a Personal Branding Consultant and specializes in Personal Branding with a holistic touch. He is based in New Delhi, India. His philosophy is, “Take charge of your life and your brand.” To know more about him, click here: http://www.dramitnagpal.co.in/p/about-us.html

Copyright © 2011 – Dr Amit Nagpal. All rights reserved


Janet Smith WarfieldJanet Smith Warfield’s Perspective

A Co-Creation Allegory

Imagine you are part of a beautiful moving picture. The picture flows. The story line flows. One scene moves flawlessly into another, and you move with it. You are totally immersed in the flow.

Then suddenly, you bump into a rock or tree or mountain and experience pain. You bump into a monster and experience fear. Your mind wants to understand the pain and fear because you want to control it and stop it. Your mind moves outside the flow and becomes an observer. Your mind has now divided what was once just flow into:

  • Flow, and
  • You as observer of the flow.

You have eaten of the Tree of Knowledge and been cast out of the Garden of Eden. Your mind has stopped the moving picture at a single frame so you can analyze it, dissect it, understand it, and control it.

Science does this very well. So does orthodox religion. However, each of these is only a single limited understanding within the confines of the single frame they have stopped.

Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

If everything is a dynamic flow of energy, then each one of us is a minuscule part of that energy, all flowing and connected. Rocks are energy. Trees are energy. Cockroaches are energy. Words are energy.

Our minds can artificially stop the flow to try to understand and control it, but all our minds can truly understand is that one single frame on which we are focusing at a particular moment in time. This is understanding of a sort, but it is only partial understanding. Depending on where we stop the moving film and which frame we look at, the perception, dissection and analysis differ. When our minds hold onto any one single frame, any one set of words or symbols as Truth, we remain divided and separated from the energetic flow. When we allow the energy to flow through us, we tune into all that is and become magnificent co-creators of something much larger than any one of us individually.

To know is to know that we don’t know. We can only co-create.

When we shift our beliefs that words say something about an external reality to beliefs that words, for sure, say something about our perceptions of an external reality, we can choose to shift our perceptions to something that works better for both us and everything around us. We all then return to the dynamic energy flow of the Garden of Eden as conscious co-creators.


Janet Smith Warfield works with wisdom-seekers who want understanding and clarity so they can live peaceful, powerful, prosperous lives. Through her unique combination of holistic, creative, right-brain transformational experiences and 22 years of rigorous, left-brain law practice, she has learned how to sculpt words in atypical ways to shift her listeners into experiences beyond words, transforming turmoil into inner peace. For more information about Janet, go to www.janetsmithwarfield.com; www.wordsculpturespublishing.com; www.wordsculptures.com.

Copyright © 2011 – Janet Smith Warfield. All rights reserved.


4 Responses to “Piercing the Veil of Word Illusions and Creating Our Own Reality”

  1. Dr Amit Nagpal says:

    Janet, I realy like the point that we focus on one single frame at a single point in time. Nice story style.

  2. Sheilagh Mercer says:

    I believe what I felt as a Child that all that matters is Love and that we are love. That absolutely anything is possible, coming from a place of Love. When Dr. Emoto’s pictures of frozen water are exposed from harmonious loving thoughts , blessings, prayers, music etc., the pictures were lovely formations of the water crystal. I will use the words love and do all the time, everyday when my child was young and at home I told her I love her, my husband I still tell often, my pets and friends. Whenever I talk to my daughter I end my conversation — I love you. I had a dog that sounded out the words “I love you ” and we’d say it back and forth LOL. Yet now you hear of dogs saying words and I believe in talking to them and them to me as an aspiring, animal communicator.

    With the water, we had an experiment that sealed this love idea and us being around 85% water. The positive love words and saying them sealed it even more for me, when my friend, also another practitioner, decided based on Emoto’s information, places cooked rice in two air tight containers, so it was not exactly like the one mentioned in the video; however the results caused me to believe even more. The one container of cooked rice was told, every day for a month, how it was hated and using hateful words. The other container my friend used loving words, how much she loved it and in the end the hateful treatment of the one bottle turned black and moldy and the loved one stayed white. It showed the kids in the camps she has and the adults she has the power of Love. I do my best each day and come from a place of love as best I can each and every day. I’m sure not perfect and miss the mark lots of times. However I believe by saying I love you even to those that seem like they are not coming from a place of love, they are in need of love, I know the divine is in them that spark that is in each of us. I tell my own body how much I love it now even the parts that hurt etc. because a lack of love most likely caused it. I will forget to do this and then articles like this remind me to keep it up . I will say even when people appear not to love me, I will say in my mind ” I know in Heaven we ALL love each other. And in my head I say to them I love you. People feel that! Even when not spoken out loud. LOL I love knowing this. I can almost sense they know when we focus on that which is in them too.
    Knowing all this and in your company , even here over the net I can say, I truly Love you, ( an aspect of myself) I love that which is in everything , every one, everywhere. I will use the word love unconditionally. I will say one thing after an out of body experience I cannot describe the feeling of Love, and that is for all of us. So I will aim my understanding of love by aiming towards that experience. Thanks for this opportunity to write this down also where I can see what I aim for, and true potential, Love and Blessings Sheilagh

  3. Luisa Castagnaro says:

    After reading your blog entry, “Piercing the Veil of Word Illusions” I was reminded of one of the topics I studied in yoga, the power of letters or the “Matrika Shakti.” In A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy by scholar John Grimes, “Matrika” is a “letter or sound syllable which is the basis of all words and hence of all knowledge; ‘little mothers’ 1.The Mother Goddess or Sakti in the form of sound, which generates the universe. The inherent power of letters and words. Because it is the source of words, matrika is said to be the source of ignorance (which comes about mainly through the ideas produced by words).” These “little mothers” or “shaktis” are one definition of the fifty phonemes of the Sanskrit alphabet which create and transform the universe, or matrika can also be known as the “‘uncomprehended mother,’ an allusion to our failure to understand the power matrika has in our lives–the way we get lost in the meanings of the words we hear, both from others and from inside ourselves,” as stated by Swami Shantananda in his book, The Splendor of Recognition: An Exploration of the Pratyabhijna-hrdayam, a Text on the Ancient Science of the Soul.

    I would like to add that the illusory power of words ties in with what are known as the “kleshas,” or the afflictions which tie us down to the reincarnational cycle of birth, death, rebirth and reincarnation. Again, from John Grimes dictionary, “Klesa” is defined as “1. The afflictions of the body, mind. and speech. 2. Afflictions are of five types: ignorance (avidya), egoism (asmita), attachment (raga), aversion (dvesa), and the will to live (abhinivesa).” (As per the latter, here the “will to live” as an affliction simply implies the fear of death or dire attachment to life.) The “Matrika Shakti” relates to the kleshas of attachment and aversion, in that the illusory power of words as quoted above, have the ability to sway us in uplifting terms (attachment to praise or the pleasant) and to depress us in derogatory terms (aversion to criticism or the unpleasant), all of which can lead lead to egoism and finally to ignorance and fear of death.

    So words apparently keep us in their clutch. Are we to become attached only to their good qualities and avoid the discomfort they can also cause when people say things, for example, to press our buttons? Becoming attached to something can only lead to its opposite attacking us; so we solve this with dispassion and attentive detachment to the reactions that words arouse in us, a skill garnered through the process of meditation.

    Lastly, if words have such illusory power over us as products of maya, the force of illusion, which derives its power from God, as without maya we cannot overcome illusion in and of itself, then words in their sacred form as mantra have the power to liberate us. The word “mantra” comes from the root “man” or mind and “tra” to save or protect so that mantra is “that which saves the one who reflects.” Mantras are not ordinary words derived from man, but are inspired by God, and received by the rishis or adepts of ancient times in deep states of meditation, where any sense of egoity has been transmuted by the higher mind as a conduit to the Consciousness known as God. Mantras can thus liberate the speaker from the kleshas by repeating them out loud in a heartfelt manner or silently in meditation with the in and out breath, often resulting in experiences of a peaceful and spiritual nature.

    Thus, from matrika we derive mantra, within which is hidden the source of salvation which can liberate us from reincarnating on the wheel of life and death, ending this journey into the veil of tears we know as life on earth. Terence McKenna, a most eloquent psycho-activist who knew the value of words, once asked if we were really meant to be light beings and that due to some horrid cosmic error, got stuck in this reincarnational wheel. We will never know, but knowing more about maya, matrika and mantra can help make the vicissitudes of this mystery more bearable.

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