Healing of Lot 74, Los Molinos, Panama

Feb 20


Volcan Baru at dawn

The peak of Volcan Baru, western Panama’s dormant volcano, loomed majestically out of the clouds in the early dawn as I pulled a card from my friend Donna Rosado’s bowl of affirmations. It said, “Allow yourself to grieve.”

Yes, I was certainly here to grieve. Despite all my efforts to complete a beautiful home midst mountains, waterfalls, and rainbows, the house sat unfinished and rotting. I had suffered verbal abuse, defamation, evictions, robberies, and floods. The final straw had been robbers in my back yard on Christmas night 2009.


Rainbow 29

Shelley Darling, www.goldenlightdowsing.com, had dowsed a plan of the property before I left the States for Panama. She immediately noted that the plan was missing its relationship corner. “Have you been having challenges with relationships recently?” she asked. I sure had – over and over and over.

Through dowsing, Shelley had discovered two negative vortexes (one minor, one major) and five geopathic stress lines. She plotted these carefully on the property plan and sent me off with nine copper rods to place in the ground to redirect the negative energies. “Make sure you don’t pack them in your carry-on luggage,” she cautioned. “TSA will confiscate them.”

Before I left, as Shelley and I visualized, some interesting symbols appeared. Simultaneously, Shelley and I saw an American Indian chief with a full headdress of feathers. This made no sense in the context of Panama. Shelley explained that he was “White Eagle”, a spirit guide who would support us through challenges. I also saw a figure in a fetal position.

Later, Shelley emailed me that she had intuited there was a female spirit on the property – a woman who had transitioned – who did not want to leave. That didn’t make sense either. The only woman I could think of who didn’t want to leave was the female owner of the construction company. One of the visualization exercises we did was intended to open a portal so that trapped negative energies could ascend to their proper places in the Universe.

Steven Northcraft*, another friend and healer, had told me to buy four pink quartz crystals and sage. Donna loaned me her own dowsing rods to help me check the positioning of the copper rods Shelley had given me. On the morning I left to do the healing work, Donna, a Usui Reiki Master and a Karuna Reiki Master, used a pendulum to clear spirit entities, lesser demons, giant demons, shape-shifting giant demons, fallen angels, and dark ETs from me, the property, my corporation, the developers, the builders, and anyone connected in any way with the property.** Luke Andrews, my young American friend, was there to help bury rods and hold the space for healing.

I spent the first day working on the minor negative vortex. Beginning with the visualization exercise Shelley had taught me, I visualized white, blue, rose, and purple lights supporting both me and the property, and finally a golden dome covering everything. I soon discovered I needed clarification as to how to place the rods. I was still learning how to use Donna’s dowsing rods, but I developed a tentative placement.

The next day, I pulled the “Moving Forward” affirmation card. It certainly didn’t feel as if we were moving forward. I had been blocked over and over in my attempts to build this home. I had also forgotten to bring Shelley’s compass with me. As a result, I could only estimate the placement of the rods in the minor negative vortex. Luke was there to hammer a 10” deep hole in each corner of the property in which, once we had completed the dowsing, we would place the rose quartz crystals symbolizing love. We positioned the hole in the missing relationship corner outside the property line to heal the missing relationship piece.

The third day, I pulled the “Push for Change” card from Donna’s bowl. This made no sense either until one of the development security guards swaggered onto the rear of my property where Luke was hammering trenches in which to place copper rods. Accusingly, the guard demanded, “What do you think you are you doing?” (Note: this was on property I owned on which he was trespassing.) In Spanish, with gentleness and firmness, I explained that we needed silence and respect for the property. When he continued to ask questions, I simply looked him directly in the eye and repeated that we were requesting his silence and respect for the property, a sacred space and sanctuary. After several moments of indecision, he turned and walked away. Shelley had told me that once the healing began, negative energies would leave the property.

Finally, we had completed all the dowsing except for the major negative vortex. Shelley had said this was in an enclosed storage area under the stairwell and directed me to visualize the dowsing ascension ring and portal in the middle of that space.

The energies in the storage area were intense. The dowsing rods were flying chaotically around. As Luke hammered the concrete, there was a deep ringing sound that seemed to extend to the bowels of the earth.

As I invited the trapped entities to ascend through the portal, I suddenly made the connection between the figure in the fetal position and the woman who did not want to leave. That woman had lost her child on the property and would not leave without her baby. Tears streaming down my face, I invited the woman to cradle her dead child in her arms, ascend through the portal, and release both of them to their rightful place in the Universe.

Then suddenly, I was that woman. The figures in the fetal positions were my own sons, wounded through their parents’ divorce and struggling through the dynamics of their own marriages. Gently, I cradled each one in my arms, carried him through the portal, and released him to his proper place in the Universe. My tears would not stop flowing as my own intense pain began to dissolve.

Simultaneously, I was releasing myself from my attachment to a dream that would never be, despite my pure intentions and dedicated effort. It was time to move on. Was I also the figure in the fetal position, waiting to be born to my purpose on this planet?

The only thing left to do was to place the rose quartz crystals in the holes Luke had dug the day before, cover them with dirt, and sage the perimeter of the property. Then, we prayed for rain – to cleanse everything and to obliterate the traces of our work.

As the raindrops fell, a beautiful rainbow appeared over the healed relationship corner. A white falcon was sitting at the top of the tree. As we drove away, I knew I would never return.

The next day, I pulled my final card from Donna’s bowl: “Completion.” I knew my work at Los Molinos was done.


Dr. Janet Smith Warfield serves wisdom-seekers who want understanding and clarity so they can live peaceful, powerful, prosperous lives. Through her unique combination of holistic, creative, right-brain transformational experiences and 22 years of rigorous, left-brain law practice, she has learned how to sculpt words in atypical ways to shift her listeners into experiences beyond words, transforming turmoil into inner peace. For more information, see www.wordsculptures.com,  www.janetsmithwarfield.com, and www.wordsculpturespublishing.com.


* Steven Northcraft is organizing a Crystal Healing workshop with Mika Nelson on Saturday, March 1st. For more information, please contact Steven directly. His Facebook link is https://www.facebook.com/kentsteven.northcraft.

** Donna Rosado has asked that I include the following information about her work. The reference that she used for this type of work was Adversaries Walk Among Us: A Guide to the Origin, Nature, and Removal of Demons and Spirits, by John G. Livingston.  She also personally used various Reiki techniques and energy work for the protection of all individuals (including herself as she did the work) and the spiritual and emotional healing of all people, property (anything living including the earth and land has its own energy and energies bodies) and other beings involved with this issue (this included all individuals that participated in or contributed to any form to bring about this total issue).  Donna always asks for permission from people’s spirit guides if she is unable to ask them personally or sends healing energy to those individuals, asking that they receive this energy for their highest good.  All work is done from her heart center of unconditional love.