Can You Really Get What You Want Simply by Shifting Your Focus?

Feb 09

Old Hag or Young Woman?

You absolutely can get what you want simply by shifting your focus from what’s “out there” to what’s “in here.”

It’s all about noticing your thoughts, noticing your emotions, choosing the ones you want, and taking the necessary action steps to make them happen.

What’s “out there” doesn’t change. What changes is what your mind and emotions do with what’s “out there.”

It’s just like looking at an optical illusion. Once you understand the different ways your mind can organize “what’s out there”, you can choose what you want to see, what thoughts you want in your head, what emotions you want in your heart, and bring them into your life.

For more food for thought, listen to Linda S. Thompson’s interview of Janet Smith Warfield on The Author’s Show,

Goals vs. Intentions

Jun 17

I find it useful to think in terms of intentions, rather than goals. Goals are fixed results that allow no room for divine intervention. So often, when I’ve thought I knew where I was going and where I wanted to end up, divine intervention has taken me on a different path. When I haven’t been willing to listen thinking my goals were better than the larger plan, I’ve been gently blocked, sometimes paddled, sometimes whipped, until reluctantly, I’ve pulled back and let go of my goals in order to allow something better to manifest. Not in my way, but in Thy way.