Can You Really Get What You Want Simply by Shifting Your Focus?

Feb 09

Old Hag or Young Woman?

You absolutely can get what you want simply by shifting your focus from what’s “out there” to what’s “in here.”

It’s all about noticing your thoughts, noticing your emotions, choosing the ones you want, and taking the necessary action steps to make them happen.

What’s “out there” doesn’t change. What changes is what your mind and emotions do with what’s “out there.”

It’s just like looking at an optical illusion. Once you understand the different ways your mind can organize “what’s out there”, you can choose what you want to see, what thoughts you want in your head, what emotions you want in your heart, and bring them into your life.

For more food for thought, listen to Linda S. Thompson’s interview of Janet Smith Warfield on The Author’s Show,

SHIFT Change Your Words, Change Your World

May 07
By Janet Smith Warfield

By Janet Smith Warfield

“SHIFT, like the verb it represents, is about taking action.  As Janet infers, even the slightest change in our thinking, attitude, or behavior can lead to extraordinary results.”

Bob Proctor, best-selling author of
You Were Born Rich
featured teacher in The Secret.

A resourceful tool for changing conditioned thinking to creative thinking, and ultimately helping to unify a divided world.

Through an innovative exploration of how words shape human experiences, Shift assists the reader in overcoming habituated impulses to use words for doing harm, such as judging or controlling others. Words offered as “truth,” it asserts, separate and divide, while presented as guides they serve humanity well. They help us sharpen our focus, find our own truth, harmonize our relationships, transform the energy of anger, and, little by little, catalyze peace personally and collectively.

“Innovative. . . . Like spending an afternoon with an exceptionally insightful friend.”

Foreword Magazine

“An utterly insightful guide to making sense of timeless wisdom . . . “

Midwest Book Review <!–[endif]–>

“An engaging book [providing] a wealth of insightful and practical ideas to change your words so you can help change the world. A good read for those interested in making a difference.”

Muse Reviews <!–[endif]–>

“The work combines ordinary words in extraordinary ways to jump start readers’ minds so that each person’s unique wisdom can emerge.”

Mind Quest