Telepathic Communication – Is It Real?

Sep 01

I was driving home to Sarasota from my oldest son Bill’s Naval retirement ceremony in St. Mary’s, Georgia. About 20 minutes out of St. Mary’s, a thought suddenly popped into my head. Had I remembered to unplug and pack the power cord for my computer? I wasn’t sure.

At first, I tried to assure myself that the power cord was safely stowed in my luggage, but I couldn’t remember actually unplugging it and packing it away. Finally, I pulled over to the side of the road. Better to be sure than to arrive home without it.

I popped the trunk and unzipped my suitcase. Sure enough, there was the power cord, right where it should have been. I shut the trunk, got into my car, and continued driving. The next three hours were uneventful.

Suddenly, as I reached Ocala, Florida, and turned south onto I-75, all three lanes of traffic stopped. We could see helicopters flying overhead. Motorists left their cars to walk down the highway. They returned to report that there had been a major accident. The injured were being airlifted out of the wreckage.

Two hours later, traffic slowly began moving again. A mile down the road, my car crawled past what was left of four totaled cars—twisted metal, strewn clothing, ripped ice chests, a stuffed teddy bear. At a rest stop, a motorist confirmed that at least one person had been killed.

Had I not stopped to check on my power cord, would I have been among the dead or injured?

Why had that strange message popped into my head when it did? Was it guardian angels protecting me? Ancestors who cared about my welfare? A Higher Power that knew I still had more work to do on this planet?

I’ll never know. I can only be grateful that the message was offered to me and I listened.


3 Responses to “Telepathic Communication – Is It Real?”

  1. Deborah DeNicola says:

    That does seem like you had an angel on board!

  2. Ruth Collins says:

    My granddaughter came to live with me when she was eight. When she was about ten I awoke one morning from a strange dream. I was walking down the main thoroughfare in the small town where I lived (about 20,000 people) and suddenly there was a massive crowd of teenagers on the street and covering all of downtown. Such a thick crowd that I couldn’t get where I was going without detouring.

    I woke my granddaughter for school, saying nothing about my dream. While she ate breakfast she told me, “Grandma, I had the weirdest dream. I was downtown by the movie theater [about two blocks from where I was in my dream] and there were teenagers everywhere, like a rock concert or something. So many kids I could hardly even walk!”

    I have no idea what this dream meant, if anything. Only that we were both there in the dream together, experiencing the same thing, but from different perspectives. We didn’t even see each other!! Nothing similar to this crowd of teenagers ever happened in our waking hours!

  3. janet says:

    Fascinating, Ruth! How do these things happen? Are we all somehow connected into the same informational Field?

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